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HVB Bonus Cap AZM 117.5 - 20.12.2019


Bonus Cap issued by UniCredit Bank AG, expressed in Euro and linked to the performance of the underlying Azimut Holding SPA. This product has strike date 11/01/2018 and maturity 12/19/2019. Investing in this certificate exposes the capital to a potential negative performance of the underlying, in the event that the worst performance of the underlying during the entire life of the instrument (i.e. from strike date to maturity), drops below the protection level (equal to 70%). If this is not the case, the settlement will be given by the maximum amount between the notional plus the worst performance of the underlying, and the bonus level of 117.5%, up to a maximum cap equal to 117.5%

Recorded Performance

The product has matured at 12/20/2019. Investing in this product at issue price would have resulted in a total return of 17.50%

Product Sheet

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This product have been mapped on /Italy/2018 and have been modelled using the template /Structured Products/Bonus Cap

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