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HVB Top Bonus Doppia Barriera UBI 129 - 17.09.2021

N° 194 of 346 Bonus Cap in Italy |  Probability of 60.38% to outperform BTP learn more


Top Bonus Double Barrier issued by UniCredit Bank AG and linked to the performance of Unione di Banche Italiane SpA. This product is expressed in Euro and has strike date 09/11/2018 and maturity 09/16/2021. When investing in this instrument, the capital is exposed to a negative performance when the underlying value at maturity is below the protection level of 75% (Barrier 2). If the underlying value is above or equal to 90% (Barrier 1), the certificate yields a profit equal to Bonus 1 (129%). Moreover, if the underlying value is below 90% (Barrier 1) but above 75% (Barrier 2), the profit generated by the product is equal to Bonus 2 (i.e. 109%).

Product Sheet

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 Basic Risk-Return

Forward Annualized and total return vs volatility and semideviation

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Risk-Return Map

Interactive risk-reward trade-off map in which is possibile to compare this product w.r.t. other products issued in the same market.

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 Probabilistic Comparative Returns

Detailed comparison of this product performance with the market banchmark, a domestic bond with the same maturity of the product.

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 Early Redemption and Barriers

Find below the probability of early redemption on the next observation, the probability of losing the capital protection and the expected returns conditioned to these events.

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 Tail Risk

Here the expected return of the product conditional upon the occurence of extreme events whose probability of occurence is equal to 1% and 5%.

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This product have been mapped on /Italy/2018 and have been modelled using the template /Structured Products/Bonus Cap

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