There is a chance that you can't find the Structured Retail Product you are interested in or that you would like to assess an OTC product whose characteristics are not public.

Fairmat Cloud Templates section gives you access to simplified contracts descriptions: you are asked just to select the template that best represents your product and to fill the fields with relevant termsheet information. Once this is done, you can request any available quantitative analysis on paying as you go just for your requests.

If you can't find yet a template that fits your OTC product please contact us.

If what you need to assess is a financial product, we can replicate it!


  • Immediate: finding the right template and entering the relevant fields take just few minutes.
  • Guided: fields containing references to financial entities are autocompleted in order help you navigate in our wide market data availability.
  • Multi Asset/multi purposes: Aside Structured Products we cover Structured Bonds, Interest Rate/Forex/Currency derivatives and Real Options projects.
  • Available Analyses: Mark to Market at any trade date, Sensitivities, Quantitative Risk Reward Reporting, Backtesting , Hedge Accounting Tests.
  • Valuation documentation: Financial models for each template are selected and validated by experts. You can get relevant documentation and market calibration details once your assessment is performed.
  • Tracking: you can also get pricing automatically computed with any schedule for your OTC portfolios.


Find the Template you need, and customize it to get all the quantitative analyses you need.