IT0004853419 PRIIPs KID 
ALETTI Target Cedola FTSEMIB Index 5.5 - 20.10.2017

In this page we provide two examples of KIDs for this PRIIP. Given the KID documents shall be updated, one document is generated using information available at product strike date, the other is generated using the latest available information.

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What is a PRIIPs KID?

As required from the Packaged Retail Investment & Insurance Products (PRIIPs) regulation from the European Parliament, from January 1st 2017 every product’s manufacturer and distributor will provide to retail investors a Key Investment Document (KID) in order to improve the investment decision process.

KIDs are standardized documents which are designed to help investors to understand products behaviour and to compare them: in fact they contains, aside product identification, goals and target market, a series of quantitative analyses on the product:

  • The Summary Risk Indicator (SRI) which aggregates Market Risk (MRM) and Credit Risk (CRM) measures into a risk level from 1 to 7.
  • The performance scenarios in which the performance percentiles (the 10th, the 50th and the 90th, plus a stress percentile) over 3 differet holding periods are represented.
  • The representation of the product costs (calculated as a the difference from Issue Price and Fair Value), and the indication of the Reduction in Yield (RIY).

Structured Retail Products falls into the PRIIPs regulation. Fairmat is a provider of technology and services which issuers and manufacturers need to ensure the fulfilment of the PRIIPs regulation and this page is a showcase of Fairmat capabilities. We have already generated (and we are currently maintaining) more than 11.000 KIDs (using information publicy available).

This KID is an example of what "Fairmat for KIDs" can do: Fairmat for KIDs is able to calculate all the numbers required by regulation to monitor the PRIIP and to generate the pdf document which can also be customized and personalized and aside English they can be generated in the other EU official languages. Currently we support Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish and Romanian. The following PRIIPs classes as covered:

  • Structured Products/ Structured Deposits / Credit Linked Notes
  • Structured Bonds (Interest Rate / Inflation Linked )
  • FX Products
  • Life insurance products (i.e. unit linked) including Multiple Options Products (MOPs)
  • OTC derivatives (FX / interest rates)

For more information about our PRIIPs KID platform read this presentation or contact us.

To retrieve official KIDs from several issuers take a look to our OpenKID portal.

Disclaimer: this product sheet has been created by Fairmat Srl and its partners using public available information, hence it represents our interpretation of the product. The information displayed in this page does not represent any recommendation to buy or sell the displayed product.